Fall Foliage

Some would say that Autumn in Vermont is the time when the hardwood leaves change color, the nights start cooling down and we settle in for six months of winter. One of our most beautiful seasons also brings with it a lot of outdoor work. As property managers, Fall is not only the time to clean up leaves, yards and driveways, but also the shortest season where we perform many important preparatory tasks to ensure a healthy winter and more productive spring:

  • Leaf clean-up
  • Garden cutdown, cleanup and fertilizing
  • Driveway grading
  • House checks
  • Hot tub setup and maintenance
  • Wood work
    • Tree felling
    • Wood chipping
    • Tree transplanting

Put a sweater on, make some hot cider, sit back and relax – IPS can take care of all your Fall property needs while you start on your pre-ski season exercise routine… the snow is about to fall, and it’s only October!